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To perform 21st century data analysis, you need Six Sigma SPC software:

  • Control charts to establish baseline performance and sustain improvements.
  • Pareto charts to pinpoint the source of defects.
  • Ishikawa (fishbone) diagrams to analyze root causes.
  • Histograms to analyze variation in products and cycle time.
  • Gage R&R to analyze measurement variability.

QI Macros® can create all those and much, much more.

Most of your data is already in Microsoft Excel. QI Macros® for Excel is ideal for manufacturing and service businesses because there’s no need to export your data. There’s no need for weeks-long training sessions; QI Macros® can be learned literally in just minutes.

Plus, QI Macros® Control Chart Wizard automatically selects the right chart for you, and the QI Macros® Improvement Project Wizard creates entire improvement projects with just one click.

Download a free 30-day trial here: https://www.qimacros.com/30

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