Rayco Fixture has been in business for over 40 years and specializing in modular fixtures for more than 30. With our modular fixturing system you can easily recreate any part set up effortlessly. Our precision ground standoffs ensure repeatable heights for every part setup. And, our tension spring clamps allow you to control clamping force on your part.

Rayco makes a variety of modular plates to fit any CMM, Vision or Portable Measuring System. With mounting options to fit your stage we can help make your inspection set ups more efficient. Rayco offers plates out of Aluminum, Acrylic and Steel. Giving you the ability to take on the smallest parts to some of the biggest. We also offer Custom Fixtures to suit your particular application.

Rayco Fixture can help you get the most out of your metrology equipment. So, contact us on how we can make your quality control more effective.

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