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Welcome to our ranking of perennial quality superstars. We're counting down the top five companies. At number 5, welcome Pinson Valley Heat Treating. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Quality Leadership survey was conducted in fall 2023. As usual, companies were evaluated on a range of factors, including continuous improvement and quality programs; contribution of quality to profitability and shareholder value; average number of hours that employees receive quality training; scrap and rework as a percentage of sales; warranty costs as a percentage of sales; and registration to various standards such as ISO 9001.

Thank you to all those who completed this year’s survey.

#5 Pinson Valley Heat Treating

Pinson, AL –

T.A. Parker and his wife Elinor founded Pinson Valley Heat Treating Company in 1970. It was tough going at first. President Don Hendry writes about the company’s early years. After his grandfather’s pension was cut, the garden was a source of food for their family. As he writes, “After getting out enough for our family, Granddad loved to sit at the kitchen table and divide the rest into sacks. The next morning on the way to work we would leave a few minutes early to drop off sacks at houses of sick or widowed throughout Tarrant City. It was something he took great joy in doing, and it is a lesson I’ll never forget.  He didn’t have much, but he shared with neighbors in need and trusted the Lord to care for him.”

The company has maintained these values and beliefs, emphasizing satisfaction, teamwork, respect, stewardship and excellence. Today the company mission is: “Our Company provides heat treating and related services to the manufacturing industry in our region. We operate with the goal to build a Healthy, Profitable Company that is a Great Place to Work for Our Employees, so they will provide the Best Service and Value in Our Industry for Our Customers.

Their quality statement is: “Quality Work, Quick Service, at a Fair Price.”

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