The wait is over! The new, much-anticipated Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion in Allentown, PA, is open to the public, featuring Dinos Alive!, an unparalleled immersive experience for visitors of all ages, as its premier traveling exhibit!

Be among the first to experience the wonders of Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion. Mark your calendars for mid-April, when tickets are set to go on sale. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain exclusive access to the facility during its preview period as a member – memberships are available now. For young learners eager to explore the exciting world of science, register for our summer camps today.

The new state-of-the-art 67,000SF facility invites visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in interactive experiences ranging from exploring the inner workings of the human body in the LVHN My Body exhibit to an up-close visit with North American River Otters in the Pocono Ravine presented by Alvin H. Butz, located in the Lehigh River Watershed exhibit.

“We have been looking forward to announcing our opening date for a very long time! I am thrilled to welcome the community to the Lehigh Valley’s new premier science center. Our vision for a world-class science center would not have come to fruition without strong support from everyone in the Lehigh Valley and beyond,” said Lin Erickson, Executive Director and CEO. “Our mission is to bring science to life and lives to science. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s insatiable curiosity, this new science center will immerse visitors in experiences unlike any elsewhere. We look forward to welcoming visitors of all ages to explore, learn, and discover with us.”

Dinos Alive! will be the first exhibit to welcome visitors into the 8,000-square-foot City Center Group Gallery and promises an unforgettable journey into the prehistoric past. Guests will step back in time millions of years and stand in the shadows of 30 life-sized animated dinosaurs ranging from turkey-sized Velociraptors to the mighty T-rex, take a virtual journey into the Mesozoic era, and be amazed by these creatures who dominated the land during the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods for over 170 million years.

“We are excited and proud to help bring world-class exhibits to downtown Allentown at Da Vinci Science Center,” said J.B. Reilly, president of City Center Group, the real estate development company revitalizing Allentown, Pa, and title sponsor of the traveling exhibit space. “The science center will be a major draw for both visitors and residents, adding to the downtown’s rich variety of cultural and educational venues, from the Allentown Art Museum and Miller Symphony Hall to The Browne Center for Education and Health and the soon-to-be-opened Archer Music Hall.”

Beyond awe-inspiring exhibit galleries, Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion boasts a host on engaging amenities to enhance the visitor experience. From full-equipped classrooms and cutting-edge laboratories, to interactive workshops designed to stimulate creativity, every corner of the facility is infused with opportunities for discovery. And don’t forget the rooftop terrace, where hosting a private event will be as unique as the Science Center itself.

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