We need to carefully consider each commitment before making it. After deciding to make the commitment, create a plan and move toward the goal.  

When we have a solid, clearly defined objective and a meaningful reason for reaching our target, we must get started. But once we start the journey, see it through. Making a commitment and having a plan is one thing but most important to success is to be persistent and not get side-tracked.

Getting halfway through multiple projects might result in gaining some good experience. However, it is a safe bet we will not have much to show for that experience.

Working all the way through one project, however, will take much less time. Additionally, when the project is finished and the goal achieved, we will have something of real value.

The way to keep going is to continually remind yourself why the project was initially started. When the going gets tough, and there will likely be many difficult challenges, we can stick with it by recalling why we initially started on this path. This will provide a compelling reason to be persistent.

It would be a terrible shame to quit when the goal is in sight. Find a way around the challenges and continue focusing on the target. Keep going, and after the journey is complete, enjoy the moment to bask in the glow of accomplishment. But do not become stagnant. Make another commitment to start anew as that is what life is about

Think about it...