Dear Editor,

I can see how ISO-9000 could be viewed as negative if that's the place at which a company chooses to stop progressing.

The ISO-9000 standard and certification process should not be viewed as an end state; it is simply a step in a much longer journey.

Our company became ISO-9001 certified in 1994 after being introduced to processes such as Continuous Improvement (CI), and Total Quality Management (TQM). We are now thoroughly entrenched in Lean, Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts, Six Sigma+ and Design for Six Sigma. I don't think you can ever stop getting better.

ISO-9000 for me has a fairly simple theme. Say it, Do it, Prove it! The standard calls for command media (Say it). The standard looks at the system (Do it right). And the standard asks for measurements (Prove it). These values are the basis for progressing to the next level, and should not be overlooked.

Bottom line for this company is "Don't stop there," keep pressing forward, and get everyone engaged and excited about quality and productivity!

Bob Zvonar
Honeywell Aircraft Landing Systems
South Bend, IN