Given today's economic environment, quality in manufacturing is more important than ever. Visitors to Quality Expo Detroit, June 12-13, will find products from more than 250 exhibitors that can help them boost manufacturing quality. They will also be able to build their skills through technical sessions and workshops.

An Investment in Your Future

Dear Quality Professional:

In today's economic climate, quality in manufacturing is more important than ever, given the pressure for speed-to-market, the need to optimize existing systems and the supply chain, and the drive for profitability.

In order to remain competitive, overcome the obstacles and challenges, and seek new suppliers and technologies, there's only one place to go--Quality Expo Detroit, June 12 to 13 in Novi (Detroit), MI. By investing a minimum amount of time, you can find new products from more than 250 leading suppliers, build your skills through technical sessions and workshops, and preview products at the new Quality Central product demonstration area--right on the show floor.

Quality Expo Detroit will bring together all the tools, technologies and information needed to maximize product quality in the discrete manufacturing enterprise. With more than 250 leading suppliers introducing their latest products and services, the show floor will highlight products in many categories: Dimensional Measuring Equipment, Electrical Test and Measuring Equipment, Optical Inspection Equipment, Material and Environmental Test Equipment, Quality Software, Registration and Certification, Calibration Labs and Services, Manufacturing Process Controls and Production Equipment.

As a preview to the Quality Expo Detroit experience, visit the online product gallery at the show's official Web site,, for a sampling of product introductions at the show. Another feature that will debut at the show is the "Quality Central" product demonstration area. Here, you will be able to experience two days of nonstop product demonstrations, technical presentations and interactive Q & A sessions--all with the added bonus of light refreshments. Back by popular demand, NASA will return with its multimedia exhibits showcasing safety upgrades garnered from experiments conducted aboard the Shuttles.

Don't miss this year's conference program, fully enhanced with new sessions and faculty. These include: launching and transitioning to ISO 9001: 2000; introductions to Baldrige basics and using Baldrige criteria to assess an organization's performance; and improving manufacturing process controls and applied optical theories for measuring. For complete details on the conference program, click on the Quality Expo Detroit Web site.

In this age of collaboration, Quality Expo Detroit will not only offer numerous business opportunities, but there will be other chances to meet with colleagues, business associates and faculty at the "Four on the Floor" reception. This networking reception is your chance to ask questions and get real-time answers to your most challenging questions.

There are several opportunities to have fun, as well. Register to attend Quality Expo Detroit and be eligible to win a series of prizes given away each month prior to the show. Enter the on-site sweepstakes to win an exciting Treetops Resort Golf Getaway or tickets to a Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park.

We, along with Quality magazine, sponsor of the event, look forward to seeing you in Detroit!

John Stuttard
Industry Vice President
Quality Expo events

Quality Expo Detroit
Conference Program
Wednesday, June 12, 2002
How to Transition to ISO 9001: 2000 at Rocket Speed
BBI Quality Systems
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
This comprehensive course will provide the tools and knowledge to begin transitioning to ISO 9001: 2000 immediately. Part 1 features an in-depth review of the changes and philosophies brought about by the 2000 revision of the standard, the same review included in an ANSI-RAB approved 14-hour transition-training course. Key terms and definitions essential for understanding ISO 9001: 2000 are presented. Major clauses of ISO 9001: 2000 are presented in flow chart form for quick and easy learning. Part 2 consists of a review and discussion of the "How to Transition to ISO 9001: 2000 at Rocket Speed" Implementation Plan.

An Introduction to Baldrige Basics and the Benefits of Using the Baldrige Criteria to Assess the Performance of Your Organization
Baldrige National Quality Program, Div. of NIST
8:30 to 10:00 a.m.
Baldrige National Quality Program, Div. of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will describe the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria, a systems approach to improving the performance of an organization. Attendees will learn how an organization can benefit from conducting a self-assessment using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and how to take action for improvement. Characteristics of past Baldrige Award recipients will be discussed.

Improved Manufacturing Process Control Using Surface Texture and Form Metrology
Mahr Federal
10:15 to 11:45 a.m.
This workshop will provide methods to improve manufacturing process control, resulting in increased manufacturing efficiency and increased profits. Utilization of the latest surface texture and form metrology procedures will be explained in a practical, common sense manner. The interconnection between metrology and process control will be explained with actual examples to ensure an understanding of this technique.

Applied Optical Theories for Measuring Devices
Nikon Instruments Inc.
1:30 to 3:00 p.m.
Measuring is an insurance policy. Anyone on the shop floor realizes that he must carefully examine the risk associated with failure to measure correctly. Such failures may result in loss of time, money, product, equipment and even lives. This presentation is intended as a fundamental approach to choosing the correct measuring tools to fit a specific user's needs and provide information regarding optical theory to enable users to avoid costly errors in judgment.

Thursday, June 13, 2002
How to Launch ISO 9001: 2000 at Rocket Speed
BBI Quality Systems
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
This comprehensive course provides the tools and knowledge to begin implementing ISO 9001: 2000 immediately. Part 1 features an in-depth review of the ISO 9001: 2000 standard, an introduction to the ISO 9000 family of standards, essential key terms and definitions, and the process each organization must undergo to obtain ISO 9001: 2000 registration. Major clauses of the ISO 9001: 2000 standard are presented in flow chart form to ensure quick and easy learning. Part 2 consists of a review and discussion of the "How to Implement ISO 9001: 2000 at Rocket Speed" Implementation Plan.

ISO 14001 Overview and Integration
8:30 to 4:00 p.m.
This program focuses on the aspects and impacts of ISO 14001, as well as how to integrate an existing ISO 9000 or QS-9000 quality system with an ISO 14001 environmental management system. Participants will learn how to identify common procedures, significant aspects, impacts, objectives and targets. Learn the new procedures and programs required of ISO 14001, how to prioritize aspects and how to select significant ones. A visual tour of several companies will help participants understand the aspects of ISO 14001 and how to identify them.
Accurate Technology Inc. 353
ADE Phase Shift 132
Advanced Systems & Designs Inc. 972
AEI Optics Unlimited 1417
Agfa NDT Inc., Krautkramer Ultrasonic Systems 130
Air Gage Co. 1029
American Stress Technologies Inc. 538
Ametek, Test & Calibration Instruments Div. 1233
Applied Automation Technologies Inc. 1079
Applied Statistics Inc. 1072
AQSR International Inc. 1030
Archive 4 Images Inc. 342
ATC Inc. 825
ATEQ Corp. 741
Atlantic Metrology Inc. 553
Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC 338
Automated Precision Inc. 140
Axila 742

Baldrige National Quality Program - NIST 940
Birdsall Tool & Gage 846
Boeckeler Instruments Inc. 924
Breakthrough Management Group 1042
Brown & Sharpe 300
BSI Inc. 543
Buehler Ltd. 715
Butterworth Heinemann 974

Cadar Measurement Solutions 1237
Capture 3D 1311
Carbide Probes Inc. 1411
Carl Zeiss IMT Corp. 400
Carl Zeiss Inc., Microscopy & Imaging Systems 925
Cebos Ltd. 134
CEJohansson 216
Certified Measurements Inc. 1039
CGI 743
Chicago Dial Indicator Co. 550
Cincinnati Test Systems Inc. 541
Clemex Technologies Inc. 1130
Climax Research Services 1147
CogniTens 3D Vision Systems Ltd. 948
Conam Quantum Inspection and Testing 150
Control Gaging Inc. 242
Control Solutions Inc. 539
Corel Corp. 1403
Corning Tropel Corp. 630
CRS Registrars 1053

Dakota Ultrasonics 1146
DataMyte/Rockwell Automation 324
DataNet Quality Systems 241
DeFelsko Corp. 1307
Delcam International Inc. 1048
Deloitte & Touche Quality Registrars Inc. 1128
Diatest Gages & Tools 642
DNV Certification Inc. 243
DQS German American Registrar Management Systems Inc. 247
Dynamic Technology Inc. 147

E & R Industrial Sales Inc. 951
Eastern Michigan University 838
EDS 1073
Elcometer Inc. 1300
Electronic Measuring Devices Inc. 600
Emigage 141
Entela Inc. 923
EtQ Inc. 249
Euro-Tech Corp. 824
Excel Partnership 1415

Fabreeka International Inc. 437
Fagor Automation Corp. 751
Faro Technologies Inc. 336
Fischer Technology Inc. 547
Follmer Rudzewicz Advisors Inc. 542
Freedom Technologies 839
Front Line Event Marketing 1040
Future Insite Inc. 1238

Gage-Line Technology Inc. 852
GE Fanuc Automation NA 636
Giddings & Lewis Controls, Measurement & Sensing 436
Global Quality Institute 938

Harpco Systems Inc. 648
Hart Scientific 1038
HBM Inc. 453
Hemco Corp. 1064
Hertzler Systems 739/836
HIROX-USA Inc./Hi-Scope Systems 1172

ibg NDT Systems Corp. 133
Imada Inc. 442
Infinity QS 1060
Inspec Inc. 1309
Instron Corp. 424
Instrument Technology Inc. 843
Integral Solutions Inc. 624
Intellution 139
Interax Group 1137
IQC Inc. 1047
IQS Inc. 818 641

Koehler Consulting Group LLC 1236
Kopplin Controls 152

Laboratory Accreditation Bureau 841
Landerville & Associates 1138
Lapmaster International 1413
Larson Systems 1126
Leco Corp. 525
Leica Geosystems Inc. IMS 348
Lighthouse Systems 1303
Lixi Inc. 1024
LK Metrology Systems Inc. 200
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance 1239

Machida Inc. 143
Mager Scientific Inc. 970
Mahr Federal Inc. 318
Manugistics Inc. 1314
Mark-10 Force Measurement 1170
Martel Electronics Corp. 1136
MAYA Metrix 232
MetricVision Inc. 752
Metris USA Inc. 524
Metrologic Group Services Inc. 748
Metron Systems Inc. 136
Meyer Gage Co. 939
Micro Star 2000 Inc. 1174
MicroRidge Systems Inc. 443
Midwest FlexSystems Inc. 1408
MIIC America Inc. 236
Minitab Inc. 1043
Mitutoyo America Corp. 226
Mountz Inc. 936
Mycrona of North America 330

Newage Testing Instruments 749
Nextec 3D Technologies Inc. 154
Nikon Instruments Inc. 448
Non-Destructive Testing Group 1135
NSAI Inc. 1316
NSF International Strategic Registrations 850

OKM/Esco North America 548
Olympus America Inc. 975
Omnex/Omnex Systems 240
OmniStructures International Inc. 842
Omni-Tech Sales 149
Ono Sokki Technology Inc. 552
Optical Dimensions LLC 821
Optical Gaging Products Inc. 430
Optimet 1032
Origin Technologies 1406
Oxford Instruments 943

Panametrics Inc. 246
PAT Gauge Inc. 652
Pavilion Systems 339
Perceptron Inc. 1409
Perry Johnson Inc. 1066
Perry Johnson Registrars 440
PHI Enterprises Inc. 251
PhiTech Laboratories Inc. 650
Phoenix Imaging 352
Photonics Spectra Magazine 1148
Pilgrim Software Inc. 753
PLATO North America Inc. 1022
PPF Inspection Services 1312
Precision Devices 1180
Precision Measurement Services Corp. 1034
Preferred Sourcing Inc. 640
Product Action International Inc. 816
Productivity Improvement Center 935
Promess Inc. 718

QC Inspection Services Inc. 144
Q-Cee's Product Corp. 920
Q-DAS Inc. 135
QMC Inc. 719
QMI 137
Qualitron Systems Inc. 918
Quality America 942
Quality Associates International Inc. 1134
Quality Calibration Service 837
Quality Digest 1143
Quality in Manufacturing 1050
Quality Inspection & Gage 1241
Quality magazine 725
Quality Practitioners 239
Quality Systems - IBS 853
Quametec Corp. 438

R&R Inc./Rayco CMM Fixture 530
RDA Group 1074
Renishaw Inc. 724
Resource Engineering Inc. 431
Rice Lake Weighing Systems 1033
Richard J. Bagan Co. 968
RL Schmitt Co. Inc. 142
ROMER/CimCore 536
RSF Electronics Inc. 721

S&S Par Scientific 1305
SAS 540
Schober & Associates 1049
Sciemetric Instruments Inc. 252
SGS International Certification 1149
Sheffco Inc. 931
Shimadzu Scientific Instrument Co. 439
Shop Talk 1229
Siemens Measurement Systems 1142
Sitius Automation Inc. 738
SKF Quality Technology Center 148
SMAC 1234
Smithers Quality Assessments 953
Solartron Metrology 817
Sony Precision Technology of America 736
Spectro Analytical Instrument 1037
S-T Industries Inc. 967
Starrett Co., The L.S. 416
Stat-Ease Inc. 248
StatSoft Inc. 1160
Struers Inc. 947
Sun-Tec Corp. 1400
Supplier Inspection Services 639
Surphaser 1231

Tectivity Inc. 452
The Modal Shop 643
Thermo ARL 848
Transcat 1165
Trifinity LLC 1313

United Testing Systems 820

Valenite Gaging Systems 343
VCA North America 253
Verisurf Software Inc. 1418
VIA Information Tools Inc. 449
Vision Engineering Inc. 1075
Visual Precision Inc. 830
Visual Workplace LLC 1178

Well Diamond Wire Saws Inc. 937
Wenzel America Ltd. 500
Western Environmental Corp. 447
Witness Inspection Inc. 1235
World Class Information Systems 1035

X-Rite Inc. 1416
Xygent Inc. 514

YXLON International Inc. 1243

Zetec Inc. 952
Zett Mess Technik GmbH 422
Z-Mike, Div. Lasermike Inc. 1070
Zontec 1315
Zwick USA 1052