COLOGNE, GERMANY-GE Inspection Technologies, a division of GE Transportation, has completed its acquisition of Hocking NDT Ltd. (Hocking, St. Albans, England), an internationally recognized designer of eddy current products, ranging from handheld instruments and probes to small systems. Its products are used in the aerospace, rail, oil and gas, automotive and metal manufacturing industries.

"We are excited about this opportunity," says Chris Hocking, managing director of Hocking. "The acquisition of Hocking by GE Inspection Technologies brings together two companies focused on improving the businesses of our customers. Hocking's eddy current products complement GE Inspection Technologies' industrial radiography and ultrasound capabilities. Hocking and its eddy current expertise allow GE Inspection Technologies to quickly solve its customers' NDT application problems."

Jeff Nagel, president of GE Inspection Technologies, says, "The acquisition of Hocking is strategic to GE Inspection Technologies. It allows us to offer our customers additional inspection technologies and equipment to help them improve their manufacturing and repair productivity as well as the predictive maintenance capabilities of their field assets. GE has a strong history in the development and application of eddy current and other nondestructive testing technology and equipment to support its businesses. The purchase of Hocking provides GE with an eddy current platform from which to bring this eddy current array, pulsed eddy current and other NDT technology to customers worldwide.""