CANTON, MA-Instron, a provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, introduces its Partnership Support Agreement (PSA) for North American customers. The PSA is an exclusive, enrollment-only program that provides expanded support for laboratories during and after the warranty period of their Instron products.

Organized around remote, Web-based delivery of information, as well as one-on-one personal support, the PSA provides four options: Premier PSA for customers who require support after their warranty has expired; Legacy PSA for customers satisfied with their current version of software or who need support only for their Instron hardware; Custom PSA which covers the support requirements for users with custom or automation systems; and Alternative for occasional system support.

The Premier, Legacy and Custom options all offer priority system support, Web site access to service history and calibration certificates, Test Advisor Webinars, technical library access, FAQs, a monthly newsletter and discounts. The Premier option includes software updates.