Do you need to manage risk, achieve compliance, and drive business improvement within your organization? Who doesn’t need to cut costs or learn how to meet supplier specifications better? Do you need to address regulatory requirements, or achieve certification to international quality standards?

To make your multifaceted compliance and business initiative succeed, your organization must put into place a broad and varied base of support that works with your strengths and challenges to mitigate risk and drive measurable performance gains.


A library of mission-critical quality standards, technical directives and industrial specifications is one of the essential foundations for a viable compliance and business improvement program. Supporting publications may include:



• CCR Data

• Procurement History

• RFQ Monitor and Bid Searching

• Mil Specs

• Military & Commercial part drawings

• CAD Drawings

• Vendor Catalogs

• More than 470,000 national, international and military standards

• EU Directives and CE Mark requirements

• Analysis of over 65,000 metal grades

• Materials Databases of polymers. resins, adhesives, fibers, ceramics and more

To ensure ease of use and application for the target audience within your organization, your publications library should:

• provide a robust and user-friendly search feature

• allow access in both digital and print formats

• facilitate batch processing and usage reporting

Training & Compliance Solutions

A strong training program – including instructor-led classroom sessions, e-learning, self-directed/media supported learning and direct coaching – is another key to successful, profitable compliance and process improvement integration.

Our comprehensive curriculum can help you tackle a range of compliance and risk-related topics including:

• information security

• privacy and data protection

• business ethics

• fraud and corruption

• anti-money laundering

• legislative and financial compliance

Your performance improvement program might also include training in one or more of the following key subject areas:

• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001

• Six Sigma

• Business Process Improvement

• ISO/TS 16949

• Lean Enterprise

• FDA Regulated Industries

• Pharmaceutical

• Occupational Health and Safety

• TL 9000

For effective self-paced, media supported learning, look for:

• highly engaging and interactive skills-based content

• flexibility for organizational customization

• a tracking system that records learner progress and documents competency

Assurance Services

Product and systems assurance provides independent verification that your compliance and business improvement program meets specifications and is generating the performance and compliance benefits that you’re targeting. The rigorous, third-party criteria of an independent assurance audit validates your management systems and product quality – and opens doors for you to work with other organizations that demand satisfaction of specific quality standards on the supplier end.

SAI Global provides end-to-end implementation and assurance support for compliance and quality management, including standards and technical specification libraries, training and coaching and third-party auditing.

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