OSLO, NORWAY-Trikon Design Services, a design, engineering and information technology company, has partnered with Metronor to offer the AIMS software suite of tools. The AIMS suite of tools will strengthen the company’s dimensional management solutions offering.

“Trikon is pleased to be a partner in providing sales and support of the AIMS product line, as it fills a well needed niche in linking GD&T, measurement plans and the metrology world with a seamless solution,” explains Rich Solti, managing director, Trikon Design Services. “We are excited to be able to offer this product to new and existing clients in a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Our new relationship with Metronor will give us the ability to provide a simple solution to clients that no longer requires expensive customization to meet their needs.”

AIMS comprises the software components for defining inspection, measurement and assembly plans, measuring the quality of manufactured parts per defined plans, storing the measurement results and generating process capability charts and graphs from the stored information.