AKRON, OH - Applied Vision Corporation (AVC), a provider of machine vision inspection systems for the container manufacturing industry, has partnered with Denver, Colorado-based Omnitech International to bring AVC's full range inspection systems and support services to Omnitech's new MICROFLEX lines. The MICROFLEX lines are designed for customers that require small annual production volumes and quick, cost-efficient changeovers to make containers of various sizes and specifications - including aerosol cans, beverage cans, bottle cans and food cans. MICROFLEX will exclusively feature AVC inspection systems.

MICROFLEX will showcase the versatility of Genius and KromaKing systems as an integral part of manufacturing lines intended to adapt quickly, allow scalability and minimize downtime. Omnitech's complete standardization of MICROFLEX lines lowers customer costs for equipment, eases installation, maximizes plant space and reduces downtime for changeovers. Manufacturers at all levels of expertise can use MICROFLEX to manufacture high-quality two-piece cans at the volume level of a three-piece can. This allows two piece savings, quality and efficiency at a significantly lower investment point than traditional two piece.

"While our vision technology will provide the new MICROFLEX™ lines with the best quality management tool for their customers, Omnitech's market presence and reputation for excellence at an affordable price will further enhance Applied Vision's worldwide presence and market coverage as a new strategic partner." said Bud Patel, vice president of sales for AVC.

"Our objective with MICROFLEX™ was to build a state-of-the-art line using the most innovative technology to suit the market. We selected Applied Vision based on evaluation of their technology, our customer requests, and their reputation for impeccable customer support as the new vision leader in our industry. We expect that our combined efforts will result in MICROFLEX™ products offering the very best solutions for our customers by producing high quality products at minimum spoilage" noted Chris Olson, president of Omnitech International.