Plymouth, MN – Recognizing the need for a direct presence in the UK and Ireland a new venture has been put in place: ASI DataMyte UK Ltd. It has been set up by existing Distributor, Quality Gauging Systems Ltd with the support of ASI DataMyte, Inc.

“ASI DataMyte UK Ltd will continue building upon the history and experience of our long-time distributor”, says Gianni De Gaspari, Director International Sales & Marketing, “The new set up brings solid market experience and a well established customer base to the company’s global operations. All parties are confident that this is a recipe for success and we are pleased that this important step has been taken.”

ASI DataMyte has a proven track record in the UK with a substantial presence among both small and large companies, and in particular in the automotive and aerospace segments. ASI DataMyte UK Ltd will be expanding in and beyond these traditional markets by supplying solutions for visual inspections, torque, gap & flush, precision measurement and turnkey gauging solutions. Current and future customers in the UK and Ireland will be even better served and supported by this new organization.