PLYMOUTH, MN-ASI Datamyte has established ASI Datamyte France. The move was made in order to serve and continue expanding the company’s growing market share in the country. Hakim Bourahla and Maurice Arrius, both veterans of ASI Datamyte’s long standing distribution network in the region will head up and manage the venture.

“France’s automotive, aerospace and defense industries continue to play an important role,” says Gianni De Gaspari, ASI’s director of international sales and marketing.

“Several of our customers in these sectors are taking on an increasingly pivotal role in sanctioning quality solutions that are ultimately deployed worldwide,” he adds. “Having an in-country presence with first hand product knowledge allows us to support that leadership initiative directly and expertly.”

ASI Datamyte recently introduced several new innovations in its suite of quality solutions, including advanced features in its QDA software and expanded data collection interfaces and options. ASI Datamyte France will be instrumental in bringing the new technology to market and supporting implementation.