GOSHEN, IN - Hertzler Systems Inc., a provider of SPC, Operational Intelligence and Manufacturing Intelligence software, announced the launch of a company blog, “The Data Heads.” This blog provides insight into the role of data in empowering business transformation, with topics that range from using Key Process Indicator (KPI) dashboards in supporting organizational change, to applying Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques to drive variation out of any process. The blog is published atwww.hertzler.com/blog/dataheads.

“Given the global economic outlook, all companies will benefit from becoming more data driven,” says Evan Miller, company co-owner. “Reducing material costs, eliminating waste, and improving throughput are all enhanced when you make business decisions based on data.”

Miller went on to explain that while many people talk about becoming data driven, there is no single agreed-upon definition. “What does it mean to become more data driven? How does a company go about it? What are others doing that is working – or not working? These are the kind of issues we’ll tackle in our new blog.”