HATFIELD, PA-Materials testing, nondestructive testing and calibration services provider Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2009. Robert W. McVaugh, Sr. started the company with 20 employees in 1984. During the eight years prior to this, McVaugh and a business partner ran Carson NDT, the nondestructive testing division of Carson Helicopter. In 1984, McVaugh acquired his partner’s share of the NDT division and spun off the business into an independent company, Laboratory Testing Inc., in Dublin, PA. Today, LTI remains a family-run business and is owned by three of McVaugh’s four children.

Laboratory Testing Inc. initially provided commercial nondestructive testing services, including magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, X-ray and ultrasonic inspection services. Within a few years, the list of services grew to include hydrostatic pressure testing, materials testing services, machining of test specimens, dimensional inspection and calibration services. The testing laboratory also earned accreditations in materials and nondestructive testing from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and the Performance Review Institute’s National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) before its 10th anniversary.

By the time McVaugh’s children began running Laboratory Testing Inc. in 1994, the company’s Dublin, PA, facility was at maximum capacity. They leased additional space in an adjoining building to hold Laboratory Testing during the next few years. Under the second-generation owners, many of the product lines were expanded, failure analysis and materials engineering services were added, equipment was upgraded and the entire lab was computerized and networked for maximum efficiency.

Within a few years, Laboratory Testing had outgrown its building and the additional leased space, so the owners purchased a 45,000-square-foot building with a shop and office space in nearby Hatfield, PA. A 9,000-square-foot, second-floor addition was immediately constructed on one end of the building before moving the staff and equipment from the Dublin location.

For more information on Laboratory Testing Inc., visitwww.labtesting.comor call (800) 219-9095.