Source: NVision Inc.

COPPELL, TX and OLIVET, MI-Provider of noncontact measurement systems NVision Inc. and FixLogix LLC, provider of modular fixturing, have partnered to provide a modular part-holding system designed for noncontact scanning applications.

The FixLogix part-holding system uses a t-slot fixture plate with integrated components to stage the part on the machine. The system is well suited for use with laser scanning applications because of the infinite adjustability of the t-slot system.

“The FixLogix system is the first part-holding system to deliver exactly what is needed for diverse engineering projects,” says Steve Kersen, president of NVision. “We are excited to bundle it with of our scanning systems to provide our customers a complete turn-key solution for both reverse engineering and inspection.”

Fixtures made for machining are not appropriate for noncontact measurement. They are designed to withstand the high cutting forces involved in machining so they are typically quite expensive and block much of the part from optical inspection.

“The ideal approach to fixturing for optical inspection would be levitation,” says Dan Smith, president of FixLogix. “Our new part-holding system provides the next best thing by offering a minimalist approach to holding the part firmly. We provide a standard kit that can be configured to hold nearly any part, with simple structures that minimize interference with scanning. It saves hours that today are commonly spent in scouring the shop for a makeshift fixture that takes hours to assemble and may not hold the part in the right orientation.”

For more information, contact NVision Inc. at (972) 393-8000,[email protected]