MINNEAPOLIS MN-To fulfill customer expectations and grow into new markets, Diversified Plastics Inc., injection molder of high-precision, close tolerance, small- to medium-sized injection molded components, recently expanded its mold production capabilities and increased its production with the acquisition of a high-speed, high-accuracy machining center from Haas Automation Inc.

The VM-2 vertical milling machine allows the design tool and engineering subsidiary of Diversified Plastics to produce high-quality molds with a fine surface finish. From these molds, it is able to produce very small, high-precision injection-molded parts that are used in the medical device and aerospace industries. With a positional accuracy of ± 0.0002 inches, the machine can create complex mold designs for a multitude of industries.

"Because of its unique capabilities, this machine has significantly increased our capacity in fine machining," says Annette Lund, vice president at Diversified Plastics. Our new machine has allowed us to decrease our tooling lead times and be more responsive to our customers’ needs," says Lund.

For more information, visitwww.divplast.com.