Dalsa Corp., a global leader in digital imaging technology, will present "Selecting a Color Machine Vision System" at GlobalSpec's online event, Quality, Test & Measurement on September 15 at 1:00 p.m. ET. GlobalSpec's free online event, Quality, Test & Measurement, will focus on education and product information surrounding the areas of quality control; materials & product testing; test equipment & strategies; plus inspection.

Ben Dawson, director of strategic development for Dalsa, will discuss how color offers important information about product type and/or condition. It can be used to sort fruit, measure the concentration of chemicals, and verify part selection for automotive or electronic assembly. Color machine vision systems, or CMVS, rapidly, reliably, and automatically detect and measure color. This presentation will discuss what a CMVS can and cannot do, and when it makes business sense to replace human color vision with a CMVS. Attendees will gain an appreciation for the fundamental concepts supporting CMVS application; learn of the major components and processes that make up a CMVS; and examine successful CMVS case studies. With an understanding of the issues and operations of color machine vision, participants will be better prepared to select and successfully apply CMVS to their business operations.

Dawson is director of strategic development at Dalsa's Industrial Products Division. Prior to joining Dalsa, Dawson was director of research and development at Imaging Technology, and then worked on face biometrics and animation. He earned M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University and was on staff at M.I.T.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Understand when to replace human color vision with a color machine vision system

  • select, set up, and use color machine vision

  • Review CMVS processing methods such as color statistics and classifiers

    What: Quality, Test & Measurement

    When: September 15, 1:00 p.m.

    To Register: Click here or visit http://www.globalspec.com/events/upcomingevents