Plainview, NY –For continuing operations in fourth-quarter 2010 (excluding the Metrology business, sold to Bruker Corp of Billerica, MA, USA on 7 October), epitaxial deposition and process equipment maker.Veeco Instruments Inc. has reported record revenue of $300 M, up 8% on Q3’s $277.1 M and up 152% a year ago.

Of this, 14% came from Data Storage revenue of $41.9 M-its best since Q4 of 2008-up 21% on Q3’s $34.5 M and double the $21 M of a year ago.

The other 86% of total revenue came from record LED & Solar revenue of $258.1 M, up 6% on Q3’s $242.6 M and up 163% on $98.1 M a year ago.

“The fourth quarter of 2010 was the best in our history,” says CEO John R. Peeler. Also, 2010 was the best year in Veeco’s history. For full-year 2010, revenue was a record $933 M, up 230% on 2009’s $282.4 M.