CHANTILLY, VA– InfinityQS International Inc., a provider of real-time quality control software solutions, is promoting global quality initiatives in China through speaking engagements, lectures and expanded service offerings. Steve Wise, vice president statistical methods for InfinityQS, a Six Sigma Black Belt, and foremost quality expert, was at the center of the events, speaking at the Shanghai Association for Quality’s International Symposium, local universities and the InfinityQS User Conferences. His compelling presentations depicted the benefits of statistical process control (SPC) software for manufacturers.

This recent international outreach signifies the latest efforts by InfinityQS to raise awareness and acceptance of both enterprise and supply chain-wide quality programs. The company’s initiatives in China include the following:

  • In early November, Wise delivered the presentation, “Simple Statistical Techniques to Pinpoint and Significantly Reduce Waste in Industry,” at the 8th China Shanghai International Symposium on Quality and the Forum of International Academy for Quality. In his presentation, Wise spoke about how SPC software can reduce hidden factory costs in enterprise production through advanced process control and data analysis.
  • InfinityQS hosted its annual Quality Professionals’ User Conferences in Beijing and Nanjing. Representatives from leading manufacturers and research organizations attended the symposium series, in which Wise, along with other InfinityQS representatives, demonstrated and discussed how the company’s SPC software, ProFicient, can help Chinese manufacturers enhance their level of quality control.
  • In addition to speaking to current industry professionals, Wise presented the lecture, “Innovative Statistical Techniques to Pinpoint and Significantly Reduce Waste: Popular Quality Improvement Methods in Top U.S. Manufacturing,” to students at Hangzhou Metrology College in Hangzhou, and the Tsinghua University International MBA class in Beijing. By incorporating real-life case studies, Wise offered an entertaining perspective on data interpretation and analysis.
  • To support continued company growth and new clientele, InfinityQS has extended the offerings of its Beijing office with the addition of expanded capabilities and more onsite service options. Currently, manufacturers across many industries in China use InfinityQS’ real-time SPC software, with the majority from the automotive, electronics and food industries.