PARIS- Tektronix , a multi-vendor service (MVS) provider of instrument calibration, repair and related services, today announced that it has opened a new calibration and repair laboratory at its French headquarters in Orsay, France. This new laboratory has been awarded ISO9000 certification for repair and calibration by DEKRA, a global service provider for testing, inspections and certification. Tektronix already has labs throughout Europe in Russia, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands and the new Orsay facility is part of the company's strategy to provide customers with high-quality repair and calibration services wherever they need it.

"We have facilities today throughout Europe and it is important we have a strong presence in France, a strategic market for us," says Christophe Bassole, vice president of Service Operations for EMEA from Tektronix. "Having locations close to our major customers will allow us to provide local service and faster turnaround times. Our strategy is to be present wherever our customers need us and we will continue to expand our reach accordingly."

The DEKRA certification is the customer's assurance that Tektronix has established effective quality procedures for the calibration and repair of instruments and ensures that quality documentation is in place for Tektronix to perform traceable calibrations.

Tektronix Europe now has the capability to calibrate the following types of instruments for all manufacturers: power supplies, watt meters, phase meters, power quality, safety testers, appliance testers, multi-meters, current clamps, current sources, counters, generators, resistors, oscilloscopes, scope-meters, video, spectrum analyzers up to 50GHz, network analyzers, HF power meters and sensors, professional audio, temperature probes and meters, temperature baths, infra-red temperature, gasses (N, O2, CO and CO2), high voltage up to 40KV, most calibrators, a wide range of biomedical test equipment, network instruments, cable testers, fiber products, gas-flow and pressure meters, dimensional equipment, intrinsic safe (EX) instruments, vibration meters, HVAC and data acquisition instruments.

"Tektronix has more repair and calibration labs globally than any other Test and Measurement supplier," says Bernie Duffy, vice president and general manager of Service Solutions at Tektronix. "It is our intention to continue to expand our coverage, as we know that customers prefer local providers. This latest expansion in France is the latest following recent announcements in China, Japan, Mexico and India and is yet another outcome of our multi-million dollar investment in service operations worldwide."