PANalytical will now conduct business in Mexico directly, instead of through an agent.

ALMELO, THE NETHERLANDS-PANalytical, a supplier of analytical instrumentation and software for X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF), will conduct its business in Mexico directly as a PANalytical entity under the aegis of Spectris Mexico, instead of through its agent, Pona.

Pona and PANalytical have worked together during the past 13 years. Throughout this time the two companies have enjoyed a special relationship, with Pona concentrating, among other products, on PANalytical business. The strength of this association is reflected in the new organization with all Pona employees joining PANalytical Mexico.

An agreement stipulating the transfer of all PANalytical business from Pona to the new organization was signed by Polo Navarro, president of Pona, and Gjalt Kuiperes MSc, regional director Americas of PANalytical BV, in October 2006.

Kuiperes says, “With this merger of two long lasting partners, PANalytical will be able to offer the best of two worlds to its existing and potential customer base in Mexico. With all Pona employees joining the new PANalytical Mexico team we will have a seemless transfer even to the extent of continuing the telephone numbers.”