WALTHAM, MA-Olympus NDT has decided to publish a fourth book on phased array ultrasonic testing. The last few years have seen an increased interest in the technology and its real-world applications, which is evidenced by the hundreds of papers presented at recent conferences and articles published in trade journals. This, along with considerable advancements in hardware and software, and progress in code compliance, has resulted in wider industry acceptance of the technology. Also, several companies now offer phased array instruments. Lastly, the authors have much new material, as well as previously unpublished data, that they want to include in their informative new book.

Phased array has also found its way into many new markets and industries. While many of the earlier applications originated in the nuclear industry, new applications such as pipeline inspection, general weld integrity, in-service crack sizing, and aerospace fuselage inspection are becoming quite common. These applications have pushed phased array technology to new and improved levels across the industrial spectrum: improved focusing, improved sizing, better inspections, and more challenging applications. Progress is being made in terms of code development also. Compared to the time taken for techniques such as TOFD (time-of-flight diffraction) to become integrated into codes, there has been rapid development of codes pertaining to phased array. Advances in Phased Array Ultrasonic Technology Applications provides an update on phased array code development and its implementation worldwide.

As a growth technology, phased array technology offers great opportunities for both now and the near future, with advantages over manual ultrasonics and radiography. The book is available from the Olympus NDT Web Store (www.olympusNDT.com), or from Olympus NDT's offices and sales representatives worldwide.