Allied Vision Technologies has become an associate Member of the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA). AVT, a producer of digital cameras for industrial image processing, is seeking to expand its presence in Asia.

"The Asian market for industrial image processing is experiencing above-average growth and accounts for an increasing percentage of our total sales," explained Jochen Braun, Manager International Sales. "Japan is and will remain the largest market in Asia, so we are very happy to strengthen our presence there as an Associate Member of the JIIA and to improve our knowledge of local market conditions."

"We are glad to have Allied Vision Technologies, one of the leading camera manufacturers in Europe, as one of our members, to bring to the JIIA its knowledge of the European market and its technical expertise, especially in the area of FireWire," said Sachio Kiura, Director and Secretary General of the JIIA.

Allied Vision Technologies already has distributors in seven Asian countries (China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, South-Korea, Singapore and Japan). AproLink Corp. (Kabushiki Kaisha AproLink) has been the company’s exclusive sales partner in Japan since June 2006.

AVT plans to open its own sales office in Asia in order to further expand its business and services in that region.