WALTHAM, MA-PerkinElmer Inc., a global leader focused on the health and safety of people and the environment, launched two new Digital X-Ray Flat Panel Detectors (FPDs) for nondestructive testing (NDT) applications at the ASNT Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show in Houston, TX.

PerkinElmer showcased the two newest additions to its Flat Panel Detector family, the XRD 0822 and XRD 1622 detector units, and their advantages in nondestructive testing. These advantages include assisting in troubleshooting of systems, product quality testing, structural integrity evaluation, and specification testing, among other areas. NDT applications that the new PerkinElmer FPDs can perform include pipeline inspection, film replacement, manufacturing inspection, 3-D Cone Beam Ct and PCB inspection.

Both detectors are more compact and lighter than previous models and are accessible via an easy-to-use Ethernet interface. The new detectors are available with several shielding and scintillator options providing operator protection, and also are radiation hardened for operating in harsh environments.

"The new detectors expand our portfolio and broaden the reach of our solutions into the area of nondestructive testing, where we are seeing increased demand for new technologies," explained Jeffery Foote, vice president, global business development and sales, Medical Imaging, PerkinElmer. "These are exciting times for NDT, and we are delighted to launch these new detectors to enable more applications in the field, and to allow end-users to benefit from the speed and image quality of our flat panel detector technology."