Santa Clara, CA - Innovation Matrix Inc., a distributor and system integrator of automation applications, announced the establishment of its new division, EnergyMatrix. The new division will allow the company to serve its customers with energy saving products. Along with the establishment of this division, EnergyMatrix has announced its exclusive partnering with Chuo Electric Works, a provider in eco-friendly LED lightings.

“EnergyMatrix was established out of our concern for the environment,” says Eimei Onaga, president of Innovation Matrix. “Together with Chuo Electric Works and new distributors it expects to sign on as the next step in its business plan, EnergyMatrix will be focusing on distributing and spreading the energy saving green technology throughout United States and Canada. Through the formation of this division and distribution partnership Chuo Electrics, we can better serve our customers and the environment."

“Our vision towards protecting the environment was where our partnership started initially,” says Yoshio Hatano, president of Chuo Electric Works. “At Chuo Electric Works, we have taken part in preserving the world’s environment for the past six years. We consider this issue to be our company’s mission. In support of our mission, we developed an LED lighting system we started selling in 2009, and a solar power generation device. Partnering with EnergyMatrix will allow us to support our mission.”

Founded in 1930, Chuo Electric Works Ltd. develops and manufactures measurement and testing devices. Its company motto is to provide quality products based on the customer’s needs and requirements while maintaining a responsible commitment to the environment and the world.

Founded in 2004, Innovation Matrix Inc. is a distributor and system integrator of automation applications specializing in robotics, motion control and machine vision products.The company partners with leading providers of automation products and has over 60 years of combined hands-on robotic experience. Innovation matrix is uniquely positioned to meet its customer’s engineering and manufacturing goals with its trans-pacific automation industry expertise and maintains a global presence with offices in the United States, Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan.