RENTON, WA - At the Machine Vision China exhibition in Shanghai, China, Microscan demonstrated their full product line of machine vision software, machine vision cameras, machine vision lighting, and auto ID products including barcode scanners and 2-D barcode imagers.

Local interest in Microscan’s product line was very strong, especially among distributors and systems integrators seeking a single manufacturing company to source a broad range of technologies and products for auto ID and machine vision.

“Being active in the Machine Vision China show has substantially increased our customer awareness among machine vision users and integrators,“ says Richard Cheng, China country manager for Microscan. “Currently, many systems integrators in China often need to source different manufacturers for cameras, lights, and machine vision software in order to develop solutions for machine vision applications. Microscan manufactures all of those products, plus we have a complete line of auto ID barcode readers such as laser scanners, 2-D imagers and verifiers. With Microscan, distributors and systems integrators can source all barcode and machine vision products from a single company.”

Microscan products exhibited at Machine Vision China 2010 include: machine vision software, Visionscape I-PAK for date and lot tracking, Visionscape GigE solution, NERLITE machine vision lighting, QX-Hawk liquid lens imager, MINI HAWK 2-D barcode imager, and multiple laser barcode scanners. In addition to product demonstrations, Microscan provided a technical session on applications for machine vision technology which was attended by over 50 people. The session was presented by Dr. Jonathan Ludlow, Microscan product manager, in tandem with Richard Cheng and Xin Geng, Microscan applications engineer.

Microscan provides technology for precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. Founded in 1982, Microscan is a technology leader in automatic identification and machine vision with extensive solutions for ID tracking, traceability and inspection ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, identification, and measurement.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company recognized for quality leadership in the United States, Microscan is known and trusted by customers worldwide as a provider of quality, high precision products. Microscan is a Spectris company.