Pleora Technologies Inc., a world leader in networked video connectivity solutions for mission-critical systems finished its 10th year of operation in November with almost 40% growth. This caps a decade of steady year-over-year growth, with its technology currently employed in thousands of installations worldwide.

Pleora attributes its healthy growth in 2010, in part, to the surge in adoption of the GigE Vision standard. This global standard ensures interoperability between products from different manufacturers. “As a founder of the GigE Vision standard,” explains Rob Lee, Pleora Vice President, Marketing and Sales, “we’re the natural first place for system developers to turn. We’re seeing a great deal of momentum when it comes to GigE Vision-adoption is really on the rise.”

In addition to the increasing prominence of the GigE Vision standard in manufacturing systems, Pleora notes increased adoption in other markets as a growth contributor. “We’ve been broadening into a number of different verticals outside of our base in industrial automation. In particular, we’re seeing a lot of pull from applications in medical imaging systems, as well as military and global security,” says Lee.

Tying it all together is Pleora’s consistent investment in research and development over the past 10 years. George Chamberlain, President and co-founder says, “We’re always looking towards the future; anticipating the next technology step.” In November, as example, the company showcased technology to drive GigE Vision over 10 Gigabit Ethernet. “10 GigE offers far more than a faster platform for camera computer connectivity; the combination of the high bandwidth and networking capabilities allows system designers to dramatically reduce overall system costs.” The company plans to commercialize the technology in the second quarter of 2011.