On October 7th, 2022, DMG MORI Manufacturing USA Inc. (DMM) celebrated the 10-year anniversary since its grand opening in Davis, California. This location is home to some of the latest automation technology, as well as Horizontal Machining Center (HMC) excellence. Since 2012, over 3,100 machines have been manufactured and sent to customers all over the USA, Canada, and South America; this includes NHX series, the ALX series, and the CMX V series.

The NHX series, a high precision and high-speed horizontal machining center is capable of high-efficiency, continuous machining for various industries including automotive, aerospace, machinery, and other mechanical equipment. The latest models in the series are equipped with thick rigid beds that provide maximum stability and come with powerful spindles ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm.  

The CMX V series, a vertical machining center that offers top-class milling performance and is known for its meticulous attention to detail, is also manufactured at DMM. With the ability to provide robust machines that can serve more customers for a longer time, these models have been revered as highly reliable and versatile in many industries.  

While the amount of growth in technology present at the factory has been significant, there has also been development with building the skillset of the local workforce in the community.  In fact, the amount of expatriates working at DMM decreased by 70% from 2012 to 2022. Anthony Serra, Executive Vice President of DMM, stated, “When the factory opened in 2012, a great deal of employee’s were expatriates from Japan with specific skillsets. However, we have since expanded and trained the workforce here at DMM. We now have a large amount of local skilled employees from our own community.” 

In addition, DMM has become one of the most automated facilities in America that manufacture machine tools and has been monumental in educating USA customers about the benefits of investing in automation. Automation solutions has been an imperative focus of the factory and has helped customers save time and become more competitive. Customers can experience the Linear Pallet Pool systems (LPP) and Round Pallet system (RPS) which are both produced and manufactured in Davis, CA. Executive Vice President of DMM, John McDonald, stated that, “Automation has been a key element of digital production at the Davis Factory. The Linear Pallet Pool system that is manufactured here in Davis can be equipped with multi-level pallet racks to accommodate a higher level of automation. A substantial amount of customers are astonished by the level of convenience this technology can provide while they are engaging in other tasks.” 

Though advanced technology has been a major factor in the evolution of the factory, President Marlow Knabach attributes much success to employees that have contributed their knowledge and hard work to further progress DMM. He stated, “It is only with the effort of our employees at DMG MORI Manufacturing, USA Inc. that we have made pivotal strides to become an industry leader with a strong presence in the local communities.” 

It is important for DMM to contribute to organizations and initiatives in the local community. To cultivate and encourage Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, DMM hosted various events for local organizations such as Boy Scouts, Citrus Circuits Robot Team, Explorit Science Center and several other organizations. In fact, the 10-year anniversary was attended by several important figures in the community such as the Mayor of the city of Davis Lucas Frerichs, Councilmember Gloria Partida, Councilmember Dan Carson, City Manager Mike Webb, Senior Planner Eric Lee, Police Chief Darren Pytel, Director of Community Engagement Jenny Ten, and Communication Manager Barbara Archer. Mayor Frierichs, the keynote speaker of the ceremony, acknowledged the strong presence that DMG MORI holds in the city and spoke about how proud he was to have been present at the grand opening back in 2012.

DMM has also made it a top priority to deliver sustainability in efforts to contribute to a healthier environment. This includes approaching 100% carbon neutral production and the installation of a 2,000-kilowatt solar panel system on the roof of the factory currently in progress to significantly reduce energy consumption.

For more information, visit www.dmgmori.com.