Little Falls, NY: Lecky Integration has released its library of almost 600 functions for machine vision and scientific computation for free download.

“Why are we offering this library for free?” asks company founder Ned Lecky, PhD. “We love machine vision, we love sharing what we’ve learned, and we love the ‘freemium’ business model,” he answers.

The Voyant Library contains nearly 600 C and C++ functions that allow engineers, scientists, and software developers working in machine vision, scientific computation, simulation and neural networks to utilize these commonly used and well-tested functions without having to re-engineer low-level code.

“One of Voyant’s key advantages is its cross platform compatibility with both Windows and Linux,” notes Dr. Lecky. “Image file I/O, display, and all image processing and feature extraction algorithms work identically in both environments. Using a crossplatform GUI development strategy such as Qt, gtkWindows, or Java allows portable machine vision applications to be written that operate natively and at maximum performance in both Windows and Linux environments without a single code change. GigE camera applications with 10 or more cameras are often better-served by a Linuxbased approach, so having an easy path of portability from Windows to Linux opens new application possibilities.”

The “freemium” model refers to offering a full-featured base product for free, and then only charging when more complicated products and add-ons are required. For example, users can download vyOcr, a capable, single font optical character recognition algorithm, for free. If they want higher functionality, Voyant also offers vyOcrPlus, a state-of-the-art neural network and statistics-based font-independent character recognition algorithm capable of reading up to 100,000 characters per second.

Voyant also includes at no charge vySearch, a correlation-based pattern recognition algorithm that is more than adequate for a broad range of machine vision tasks. For users who require geometric search or size-invariant or rotation-invariant search, Voyant offers vySearchPlus, a state-of-the-art, edge-based pattern recognition technology designed to take the place of correlation searching and to take advantage of multi-core hardware to perform dozens of rotation and size invariant searches per second.

Other available add-ons include 1- and 2-D bar code reading, specialty color processing algorithms, and a real-time image-stitching engine. Custom algorithms and functions are also available. For information, contact[email protected].

Lecky Integration is a machine vision solution provider with more than 20 year’s experience creating customized machine vision systems that integrate cameras, lighting, and specialized software for use in factory automation, inspection, and security applications. Lecky Integration partners with government agencies, system integrators, OEMs, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurial start-ups in a range of industries to help them overcome challenging problems by integrating multiple technologies using inventive combinations of off-the-shelf and fully-custom components.