LITTLE FALLS, NY-Lecky Integration, a small company that specializes in creating systems that combine specialized cameras, lighting, and proprietary software to do realtime, high-speed, highly-accurate image processing and analysis for security and inspection applications, is seeing significant growth.

Recent new and extended contracts include:

  • A joint development agreement with a leader in railroad security systems to create a locomotive and subway car identification and tracking system.

  • An ongoing development agreement with a world leader in transportation inspection systems to utilize Lecky’s proprietary optical character recognition software in a new product that will inspect and identify shipping containers.

  • Extended contracts with the U.S. Army to develop motion control software used in the manufacture and repair of weapons system components.

    “In addition to these contracts, we are close to signing deals with several other industry leaders in the areas of industrial particle characterization and inspection of vehicles, border crossings, and transportation infrastructure such as road surfaces and railway beds,” notes Ned Lecky, PhD, the company founder and president. “We are looking at our third straight year of substantial growth.”

    Lecky points to two key economic factors that are contributing to the company’s growth: security issues are of increasing concern and companies do not want to outsource this sensitive development work overseas; and, companies are looking for innovative ways to develop cutting edge products and find partnering with smaller, market-savvy companies more efficient than staffing up.

    “In these challenging economic times, small, nimble companies with an entrepreneurial mindset do better than the bigger, slower moving organizations,” notes Lecky. “We are seeing the tangible results of being willing to be creative about product development, share risks as well as revenue-producing opportunities, and keep a laser beam focus on providing super smart products and services that give our customers – and our customer’s customers – exceptional value.”

    Lecky Integration partners with government agencies, system integrators, OEMs, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurial start-ups in a range of industries to help them solve thorny technical issues by integrating multiple technologies. Whether it’s designing a new product, developing control, inspection and monitoring systems, or increasing the efficiency of a manufacturing line, Lecky utilizes the most advanced electronics, software, cameras, and simulations, in off-the-shelf and fully-customized configurations, to engineer and manufacture personalized, robust, and reliable solutions that address real business objectives.