MVTec Software GmbH (Munich, Germany) collaborates with Nvidia to enable cost reductions and increased factory throughput by improving performance.

MVTec Software GmbH today announces that it is working closely with Nvidia on the development of a powerful new machine vision solution that dramatically improves the process of product inspection.

Halcon 10 from MVTec is used to inspect production lines and ensure consistent product quality. Through its use of Nvidia GPUs, key machine vision functions in Halcon 10 are accelerated by up to 30 times. This enables machine vision system providers to build factory automation machines that dramatically increase throughput without compromising inspection quality.

“Product inspection machines are integral to factory automation today,” says Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein, MVTec’s managing director. “By increasing the inspection speed using Nvidia GPUs, Halcon 10 enables our customers to increase factory throughput and also leads to higher quality assurance.”

With their hundreds of parallel processor cores, GPUs are capable of massive computational workloads, as evidenced by their deployment in the world’s fastest supercomputers. Now, users of Halcon 10 can leverage the same technology to transform their production workflows.

“GPU-acceleration enables machine vision software to detect product quality errors that may not have otherwise been found in a high speed manufacturing line,” says Andy Keane, general manager, Tesla business at Nvidia. “MVTec’s Halcon 10 software significantly streamlines production lines, enables higher quality products and delivers improved revenues for any company that deploys it.”

MVTec is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of standard machine vision software. This collaboration between MVTec and Nvidia will ensure continued innovation to meet customers’ ever increasing demands for higher operational efficiency and product consistency.