GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Non-Destructive Testing Services Inc. (NDTS), a full-service material inspection company and a wholly owned subsidiary of TUV Rheinland North America Holding Company, is one of the few materials testing companies in the U.S. with a specialty in Sorting and Containment. The company recently added new equipment that offers more technically in-depth analysis, saving clients time and money, and minimizing product compliance issues.

“Most simple noncompliance issues are sorted by visual inspection. However, high-tech equipment allows us to more quickly determine the depth of the problem and resolve it quickly,” says Bob Bills, chief executive officer of Non-Destructive Testing Services Inc.

The new capabilities at NDTS include:

  • Computed radiography that digitally captures emailable X-ray images via the Kodak Industrex ACR2000i Digital System.
  • A portable ultrasonic GE Krautkramer MIC-10 hardness tester, providing a quick non-destructive method of sorting heat-treated parts on location.
  • Automated real-time radiography for production-run capabilities, used for small castings, electronic components, missing bearings, and crimped/ broken electrical connections.
  • Specialized automation utilizing conveyers.
    NDTS provides high-speed sorting at its high-tech laboratory or the customer’s facility, and also provides on-site emergency parts testing and quality assurance. The Sorting and Containment service is available 24 hours a day year-round as an expedited offering.

    NDTS specializes in sorting and assembly, ISO emergencies and salvage for the aerospace, automotive, foundries, food, military, welding (spot weld), electronic, steel mill, power generation and pharmaceutical markets.

    “Non-Destructive Testing Services provides excellent support and quality assurance services in a nonconformance situation. This helps limit loss due to unplanned occurrences or process problems,” says Bills.

    No matter the thickness or composition, NDTS can scan the product using a variety of testing methods including real-time X-ray, computed and film radiography, eddy current, hardness, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant and visual inspection. Each nondestructive testing method has its strength in determining different discontinuities. In some instances, combining methods is the best way to thoroughly examine the product, adds Bills.

    NDTS is an A2LA accredited laboratory that meets ISO 17025 requirements. NDTS is based in Grand Rapids, MI, with additional locations in Flint, MI, Pittsburgh and Birmingham, AL.