CHELMSFORD, ENGLAND-Imaging company e2v has responded to increased demand within the line-scan camera business by increasing its temporary workforce and implementing new shift patterns in its Grenoble, France facility that better utilize equipment. The move has led to greatly increased productivity to meet machine-vision applications needs.

e2v says that positive trends within the machine-vision industry have led to significant increased demand for e2v’s new camera products that have been introduced over the last two years.

"Recovery within the machine vision market has been far quicker than everyone expected, generating a significant strain within the global supply chain for camera products. e2v is now in the best position to meet the needs of the market in terms of camera lead times, thanks to our increased capacity utilisation and the range of cameras we can offer," said Cedric Stein, supply chain manager at e2v.

The temporary operators and test lines are already up and running and have already doubled e2v’s production capacity over the last two months.