MILTON KEYNES, UNITED KINGDOM - The Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) has been awarded an IAEA/TC project for the establishment of procedures and protocols in digital industrial radiography (DIR) 
for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with the main objective to develop local capability in DIR technology and subsequently dissemination to SMEs in Malaysia. As part of the process, Dr. Ab Razak Hamzah, manager of the NDT Group, Nuclear Malaysia, and also treasurer of the Malaysian Society for NDT (MSNT), undertook a two-week visit at the end of 2009 to Computerised Information Technology (CIT) Ltd in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

CIT is a company heavily involved in various aspects of DIR, such as film digitization, computed radiography (CR), flat panel and also provides training and consultancy in this technology. With 33 years of technological experience, CIT also is involved in several EC-funded projects based on digital computed radiography and also provides the representative to the CEN committee, which is responsible for setting the European standards for digital industrial radiography.

During Dr. Hamzah's visit, CIT provided training on computed digital radiography using CIT technology and also gave insights into other technological advancements in the NDT market.

Following the United Kingdom visit, Dr. S C Sood of CIT was invited by Nuclear Malaysia to visit Malaysia as an IAEA expert from the United Kingdom. Nuclear Malaysia organized various seminars with its NDT department, SME NDT companies in Malaysia and educational departments, where Dr. Sood presented papers and discussions on the latest developments and benefits of industrial digital radiography technology.

As part of the visit, Dr. Sood also gave a talk to MSNT members on "The use and benefits of mathematical radiograph simulation applications, such as aRTist and Moderator packages."