BILLERICA, MA - GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is hosting The Oil & Gas: Integrity Forum, a virtual event which goes live on March 30, 2010, and will remain as an accessible environment until June 30, 2010.

The Forum provides an opportunity for oil and gas professionals to learn about new products and industry trends, to chat live with peers and to listen to industry leaders without leaving their computers, eliminating both travel time and travel costs.

"As a global business leader, GE is taking trade shows to the next level, making them accessible to a much wider audience than a traditional exhibition," said a GE spokesperson.

The Forum will focus on integrity within the oil and gas sector and specifically on protecting asset integrity, optimizing process efficiency and achieving compliance with environmental, government and health and safety regulations. This focus will be reflected in the range of equipment and systems on display in the virtual booths and in the subject matter discussed by independent expert speakers and speaker panels.

Once inside the virtual environment, attendees can access the discussion forums and network with other oil and gas professionals. There will be live Q&A sessions following each presentation. In addition, industry experts from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies will be on hand throughout the virtual environment to answer any questions about different kinds of oil and gas technologies, products or applications.

Currently, keynote speakers will include Mike Nugent, principal materials engineer, Norton Engineering Consultants Inc, who will talk about "Innovative NDE applications for corrosion evaluation for oil and refining assets." This will be supported by short presentations on GE solutions for corrosion detection and monitoring, including the Rightrax HT system for high-temperature corrosion applications. The impact of new and anticipated environmental legislation will be discussed by a panel of legal and technical experts.

In looking at asset integrity as a whole, the Forum will also allow oil and gas professionals an opportunity to see the range of flow, pressure and gas and moisture products and instruments offered by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. These find application from sub-sea wellheads to downstream distribution and play major roles in optimizing process efficiency. For more information or to register,click here.