Dimensional Control Systems Inc. (DCS) will host a virtual conference titled the 2021 DCS Global Technology and User Conference. Designed for both DCS clients and those new to dimensional management, this event will include speakers from leading manufacturers such as Stellantis, General Motors, Electrolux, Daimler, Sikorsky, Mahindra, and GE Appliances. Alongside these companies will be experts in dimensional management from EDAG, Aguilera Consulting, and TATA Consultancy Services. The DCS Global Technology Conference will begin with an opening week featuring live events May 11th through the 13th on their website 3dcs.com, and continuing On-Demand for 4 weeks, ending June 10th, 2021. Registration is $75 for access to the entire event and On-Demand period.

DCS is known for its two flagship products, 3DCS Variation Analyst and QDM Quality Data Management. 3DCS is a powerful tolerance stack simulation tool integrated into the major CAD platforms. Used most effectively during design, 3DCS is complemented by QDM’s powerful statistical process control (SPC) systems. QDM automates the collection, standardization, and processing of measurement data, delivering it into the hands of managers and engineers quickly so that they can make informed decisions about production, quality, and operations.

The DCS Global Technology Conference provides a stage for experts in dimensional engineering to showcase their work, their challenges, and their successes in dimensional management and simulation. Starting strong with an opening discussion by Andrew Lavoie, Design Quality/Kit Engineering Lead at Sikorsky Aircraft, to showcase his success across multiple projects, the event bridges into demonstrations by DCS of new and upcoming features and tools, supplemented by talks by CENIT on how to incorporate simulation into a complete quality process, and Dassault Systemes’ experts on understanding Perceived Quality through the use of visualization tools and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Further presentations include a discussion on worst case analysis, and its common pitfalls, a how-to video series by DCS and their partners, presentations on the impact of design on gage R&R studies and fixtures by Aguilera Consulting, analysis examples of a product’s gap and flush characteristics by Electrolux Brazil, as well as GD&T tips and best practices by a GD&T instructor, and many more.

“We understand the difficult place many businesses are in right now,” said John Mathieson, DCS President and CEO, “and we wanted to provide the community with as close a proxy to in-person discussions as possible, while also making it convenient and affordable. The virtual conference will never take the place of an on-site event, but we hope that these presentations, discussions, and demonstrations will be helpful to our customers and community members in advancing their understanding of dimensional management, and encouraging them to embrace digital transformation.”

The DCS website has a full list of presentations and demonstrations conveniently located at https://mkt.3dcs.com/sign-up-for-dcs-2021-virtual-user-conference. Attendees can register early or throughout the entire On-Demand period by going to the DCS website at https://www.3dcs.com/ and clicking Register Now under the Conference tab.