RANDOLPH, NJ--Brighton Cromwellhas completed the rigorous quality systems review process to attain certification to the SAE Aerospace Standard AS 9120 (AS9120A 2009).Brighton Cromwell is a certified small business supply chain integrator providing purchasing, logistics and kitting services to the DoD and prime contractors globally.

"This certification sets the highest level of protection to safeguard mission-critical aerospace components,”says president and CEO Rob Van Etten. “Attaining AS9120 requires substantial effort and commitment on the part of all of our employees, and demonstrates Brighton Cromwell’s dedication to ensuring customers are receiving genuine, authorized parts and components in the aerospace marketplace.”

The AS9120A certification builds on Brighton Cromwell’s ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management with 100+ additional requirements that are specific to companies that procure, stock and distribute aerospace components such as fasteners, gaskets, electronics and hardware.  AS9120A certification requires rigorous purchasing, handling, storage, and traceability controls to prevent counterfeit and non-conforming parts and components from entering the supply chain. 

Brighton Cromwell maintains ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management, and previously held AS 9120:2002 certification along with the new revision to the AS9100 standard for aviation, space and defense distributors.