NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI — Hexagon Metrology has launched enhanced releases of metrology software PC-DMIS 2012 MR1, and DataPage+ 2012 Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Both software programs offer new tools and improved features for inspection and measurement applications. PC-DMIS is used by the metrology industry for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data to reduce scrap, improve throughput, reduce costs, and build lean manufacturing operations. 

PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 offers improved Model-Based Definition support. A user can import a CAD model with embedded dimensional data into PC-DMIS, activate the ClearanceCube function, then click on a feature control frame and watch as the software automatically builds inspection plan features and dimensions. The new Custom Probe utility in PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 configures non-standard probes for measurement planning, from a custom stylus to a complex, hand-built probe cluster. A graphical interface guides the process and displays the results in real time.

The new PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 release also includes a new Windows OS application installer with an automatic software updater to facilitate a cleaner and simpler installation of PC-DMIS for a single local system or across a global network of coordinate metrology devices.