FAIRFAX, VA–-InfinityQS International Inc., the global authority on Manufacturing Intelligence and enterprise quality, announces the release of its newest eBook, “Quality Metrics Survival Handbook,” which contains information, tips and strategies to help quality professionals turn manufacturing data into actionable information, proving the value of quality improvement projects to upstream management. To download the eBook, visit: http://www.infinityqs.com/SurvivalHandbook/PR.
Through InfinityQS’ “Quality Metrics Survival Handbook,” readers will learn how to use quality metrics, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), to obtain meaningful, actionable insight for each tier of the organization. By increasing supply chain visibility, identifying key metrics and communicating them to the appropriate departments, and successfully preparing for implementation of quality metrics, quality professionals can justify investments in improvement projects to upper management.
“Without the ability to quantify data, quality managers and plant operators often have difficulty proving their technologies’ worth to C-level executives,” said Matt Tweedy, vice president of product management, InfinityQS. “By identifying which metrics are important to each department, readers of our eBook will better understand how to maximize the value of their enterprise quality improvement projects to benefit the organization as whole by driving high-quality products, decreasing costs associated with scrap, and increasing customer satisfaction.”