When we’ve reached the goal that we have set for ourselves we need to refocus and set another. We must keep focusing on continual improvement and the actions to reach the peak.

Things will not always work out the way we plan, no matter how thorough we prepare or how diligently we work. However, even when if we are not successful at reaching a goal, there are always lessons to learn. These important lessons are a great teaching tool and the experience gained will be invaluable.

It is not how clever we or how lucky we are or how much advantage we can gain over others. One of the important keys to meaningful achievement is to keep going—being persistent at setting new goals and action plans to achieve those goals.

When others give us encouragement, insight and assistance, be grateful and show appreciation for the help. Thank them for the help while offering your own value to them in return. Helping others accomplish their goals is not only satisfying, but also a significant way to increase your chances of success.

Not everyone is happy to see others succeed so they put up roadblocks. When others try to block our efforts, resist the negativity and the urge to react in a less-than-positive manner. We need to work hard, concentrate and raise ourselves to where we can see beyond the petty, shortsighted attempts to prevent our success.

Whatever may happen, there is always a way to keep working toward our goals. We ultimately determine the outcome and how we react to it. We need to consistently focus on the positive and as we continue the  journey to success. It’s not always a smooth road, but it'll get us where we choose to go. Michelangelo, the Italian architect, painter and sculptor said, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that is too low and we reach it.”