Fairfax, VA. ––InfinityQS International, Inc.announced it has established a strategic partnership that will enableATS International B.V.to offer ProFicient, InfinityQS’ enterprise quality hub, to a global customer base. ATS provides industrial and process automation, quality, and information technology solutions with 30 offices in 17 countries.

InfinityQS will continue to strengthen its global reach to Europe and the Asia Pacific, and industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing. This partnership will also present new business. Global customers who purchase ProFicient from ATS have the convenience of turning to one point of contact at every step before, during and after the implementation.

Martyn Gill, business development director, ATS International B.V., said, “No matter what our customers are manufacturing – whether food, automobiles or airplanes – there is a need to manage quality, consistency and compliance using InfinityQS ProFicient. The quality software’s advanced integration capabilities allow our customers to identify new ways to acquire and analyze data, anduncover Manufacturing Intelligence to better facilitate continuous improvement.”

ProFicient is a proven enterprise quality hub powered by a centralized statistical process control (SPC) analysis engine. With flexible cloud-based or on-premise deployment options, ProFicient enables manufacturers to proactively monitor, analyze and report on Manufacturing Intelligence to improve quality, decrease costs and make more strategic business decisions.

Michael Hines, OEM and channel sales manager, InfinityQS, said, “Partnering with ATS International is a great fit for InfinityQS. The company is highly knowledgeable on SPC and quality, and has coverage in areas of the globe where InfinityQS seeks to expand. We are looking forward to bringing new, international clients onboard, and seeing the results that they achieve through our combined solutions.”