Frankfurt – According to the results of the recent VDMA Machine Vision Market Survey the industry turnover of the machine vision sector in Germany in 2012 almost reached its previous peak value of 2011. It went down from 1.51 to 1.49 billion euro – a one percent drop. Whereas the domestic market contracted by six percent and supplies to European countries shrank by 12%, exports in total continued to grow. Business with Asia grew by 13% in 2012 year-on-year and for the first time exceeded the export volume to the European countries.

Deliveries to America increased by 12%. The total export ratio of the German machine vision industry increased to 55% in 2011 growth was 52%.

Non-Manufacturing Applications Taking the Lead

After substantial investments of the automotive industry in 2010 and 2011, turnover of machine vision with this sector decreased by almost 25%.  With a share of 21%; however, the automotive sector remains the most important customer within manufacturing. The pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health care sector strongly increased its investments in machine vision an increase of 36% as did the rubber and plastics industry with a 70% increase.  Turnover with non-manufacturing applications went up by almost nine percent and for the first time exceeded the share of the automotive industry.

Industry Sector Expected to Grow By Five Percent in 2013

The growing range of applications for machine vision, the global trend toward higher quality and productivity, as well as increasing demand from Asia and North America act as growth drivers for the machine vision industry. Against this background, VDMA Machine Vision forecasts an increase in turnover of the German machine vision sector in 2013 of five percent to almost 1.6 billion euros.