CHATSWORTH, CA — Natel Engineering Co., Inc.’s acquisition of EPIC Technologies, LLC, powers Natel upward toward higher levels of capabilities and competitiveness among U.S. electronics manufacturers.

Bolstered by EPIC’s complementary strengths, Natel is focused on the unrelenting pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction. Since Natel’s founding by Sudesh Arora in 1975, it has growth and success. By acquiring EPIC, with its own distinctive list of achievements, Natel integrates new capabilities, both vertically and horizontally, an experienced and insightful leadership team, and the best-trained people working on the production floor, making it unmatched in North America.

“Our suite of products and services, now unrivaled among our tier two EMS peers, are on par with even the largest EMS companies at home and abroad,” says EPIC CEO Bhawnesh Mathur.

Over the years Natel has made several strategic acquisitions to fuel its rise to prominence. Jonathan Davis, Natel’s vice president of corporate development, believes that this latest move goes beyond being simply accretive. “This is a game-changer. The addition of EPIC has provided an energizing force that has made an immensely positive impact on Natel and our customers.”

According to Arora, “This acquisition expands our product solutions to include higher-level system integration capabilities that give us opportunities to reduce costs for our customers because of our larger footprint. It gives us a new vision of the future. We are able to provide a superior level of quality and services to our customers with our zero-tolerance for failure. We want to show customers how we can meet all their electronic manufacturing needs within one company.”

Natel and EPIC have a distinguished record of producing electronics systems for leading customers in defense, communications and medical applications.