HATFIELD, PA– Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) completed an audit and was reapproved by Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) member Crane Nuclear Inc.LTI provides suppliers, fabricators and manufacturers in the nuclear industry with materials testing, nondestructive testing and metrology services. The results of the recent NIAC audit approved LTI for another three-year term and under the NIAC Shared Audit Program were distributed to NIAC members that have a business relationship with the laboratory.


“Thirty-four NIAC member companies have shared the assessment results obtained by the audit performed by Crane Nuclear Inc. As a result of this single NIAC audit, LTI is approved to provide materials testing, nondestructive testing and metrology for all of these companies,
 says Frank Peszka, director of quality. “This is the largest group of NIAC members, so far, approving LTI based on the NIAC audit.”


According to Crane Nuclear, the purpose of the audit was to verify implementation of the quality system manual. The audit also verified compliance with applicable portions of NCA-3800, NQA-1 2008/09 Addenda, NQA-1 1994, 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR21, and N45.2 as related to performing chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical testing, nondestructive testing, dimensional inspection, calibration, specimen machining and sample preparation.


In addition to NIAC member approvals, LTI has been audited and approved by NUPIC and many other companies in the nuclear industry. The company tests, analyzes and inspects materials and parts used in constructing new nuclear sites and in upgrading or repairing existing facilities, and provides all required testing for the utilization of unqualified source material. LTI also performs root cause failure analysis on parts that fail while in service. An extensive list of chemical analysis, metallurgical testing, mechanical testing, corrosion testing and nondestructive testing provides information nuclear customers need about material composition, mechanical properties, flaws and inconsistencies. Certified Material Test Reports in accordance with ASME Section III NCA-3800, 10CFR50 Appendix B or NQA-1 are provided with each order.