The Keyence LR-T is an ideal complement to the already solid Keyence sensor lineup with its enhanced detection stability, ease of operation, and versatility. Potentially limiting factors like target characteristics do not affect the LR-T’s detection ability allowing it to be utilized in a broad range of applications. It is also very durable and extremely user friendly making it suitable for virtually any sensing situation in any environment.Product5_IN

The LR-T’s high level of detection ability is due to its Time of Flight (TOF) technology and custom integrated circuit. When paired together, the LR-T provides consistently stable detection over long or short distances, regardless of target surface type, color, or finish. Even environmental factors like ambient light, mist, or excessive dust will not affect the LR-T’s detection ability.

Setup and operation have never been easier. The crisp and precise OLED display screen clearly shows the operator all of the important values needed for setup, calibration, and operation. Intuitive menus make navigation through functions and settings fast and simple. A large, bright indicator light that can be seen from any angle specifies the status of the sensor to the operator. Wasted time and added frustration caused by complicated menus and ambiguous buttons are now a thing of the past.

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