ALLENTOWN, PA — Micro Photonics Inc., a provider of advanced X-ray microcomputed tomography instruments from Bruker, has announced an expansion in laboratory services.

Micro Photonics’ facility currently features three multifunctional research systems: the Skyscan 1172, 1173 and 1174. New additions to the lab will include the SkyScan – 1272 Micro-CT and a second SkyScan 1173 Micro-CT to further Micro-CT research.

In addition, the lab services expansion will include 3D printing of samples. In using CTAnalyzer software, a STL file can be generated from the stacks of micro-CT images and then virtually edited and customized prior to being sent to the 3D printer, resulting in unique physical models.

In order to better support customers, the expansion project is also offering a new lab services web page that lists the systems available, outlines the procedure for results, and shows sample turn-around time. Visit the new web page at