MUNICH — MVTec Software GmbH, a leading manufacturer of standard machine vision software, has started an international road show to mark the launch of the new version of its flagship product HALCON. On the "HALCON 12 World Tour," the company joins forces with its distributors to present the latest functions of the machine vision software.

The tour began last week at the "MVTec Days" in Munich, where distributors from all over the world gained an in-depth understanding of HALCON 12. They will now pass on this knowledge to the software users. The tour will pass through more than 15 countries on three continents.

New machine vision standards
HALCON 12 offers many improvements where hardware support is concerned, as well as an optimized programming environment. These new features will benefit developers of machine vision solutions as well as the applications themselves by boosting performance. The release also sets new standards of performance and usability in machine vision technology due to more robust 3D vision processes, improved optical character recognition (OCR), optimized sample-based identification (SBI) and an easier-to-use camera calibration.

Global network of distributors and partners
MVTec works with qualified distributors all over the world. They represent MVTec in their respective markets and assist companies with the implementation of complex machine vision projects. HALCON is used in a wide range of industries and imaging applications including surface inspection and quality control, the semiconductor industry, medical technology and security systems.

"Our partner network brings us close to our customers and their needs in the different countries," says Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director of MVTec. "Highly trained sales engineers provide professional support. Our partner program and the HALCON World Tour with its seminars and workshops are important components of this approach."

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