CAS DataLoggers and MadgeTech introduced a wide range of new high temperature data loggers and accessories. Several new products are now available for your high temperature applications including the HiTemp140-FR Ultra-Fast Response High Temperature Data Logger and HiTemp140-FP Flexible RTD Probe Data Logger.HighTemperatureDataLoggers_IN

MadgeTech has designed the HiTemp140-FR Ultra-Fast Response High Temperature Data Logger, a high temperature data logger with an ultra-fast response time. This makes it ideal for recording temperature during rapidly-changing thermal processes such as oven profiling, steam sterilization, chamber mapping, flash freezing, seafood processing, and many other applications. This high temperature data logger features a 2-inch x 0.0625-inch diameter probe and is capable of recording up to 4 Hz, which is 5 times faster than current data loggers in the HiTemp140 series. This enables the temperature sensor to quickly adapt and accurately record temperature variations in changing environments.

As with all HiTemp140 loggers, the body is made of food-grade stainless steel, which can be placed in environments up to 140 °C. The HiTemp140-FR is also available with an optional thermal shield enclosure, the HiTemp140-FR-TSK, which is available with vented or flush top, to extend the operating range of the data logger to -200 °C to +250 °C (-328 °F to +482 °F). The probe itself is capable of measuring from -200 °C to +260 °C (-328 °F to +500 °F), making it capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions.

The design of the HiTemp140-FP Flexible RTD Probe Data Logger offers users the flexibility of using a thermocouple type sensor with the convenience of a stand-alone data logging system. The stainless steel data logger body is equipped with a PFA Insulated probe and is available in two models, the HiTemp140-FP-36 and the HiTemp140-FP-72, which feature 36 and 72-inch flexible probes, respectively. Both models can withstand temperatures up to 140 °C with an accuracy of ±0.1°C. This makes it an ideal solution for monitoring the interior of an autoclave during a steam sterilization cycle in real time.

The HiTemp140-FP is designed for small vials, tubing and other narrow-diameter placement applications. Because of the flexible probe, the risk of breakage (both vial and probe) commonly associated with a stainless steel probe is diminished. The device can record up to 32,700 time-stamped readings and is equipped with non-volatile solid state memory that will continue recording even if the battery becomes discharged.

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